Incentive travel

Reward your employees or business relations with an unforgettable incentive trip! Enjoy a weekend in your own country, a desert safari in Dubai or snowmobiling in Lapland … the possibilities are endless. With our creative ideas, you are guaranteed a unique proposal tailored to your needs, budget and target audience.

Company events

Original and unique business events will leave an indelible impression on your employees or business relations. Whether it is a team building activity, company party or kick off meeting, together with you we realize a perfectly matching event in which your objective is guaranteed.

Live events

Experience, enjoy and remember … that’s the goal if you want to surprise your guests with a visit to a unique event. You can think of a football match in Barcelona or London, a Formula 1 race anywhere in the world or a concert of a well known band or artist in your own country or abroad.

About us

  • We say what we do and do what we promise.
  • With our creative ideas, you are guaranteed to a unique event, tailored to your needs, budget and target audience.
  • Each event is created with great care, a lot of passion and with close attention to the small details.
  • We are transparent; honesty and openness in the costs.
  • We Organize is active worldwide and has a reliable international network.
  • Not only do we organize, but we also take care!

We make a difference between a good event and a great one!

Kimm van Berkel, Founder of We Organize!


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